The next generation photo


Introducing Giffer

Giffer is the next generation photo booth, which lets you take moving pictures. Giffer was created to serve two main purposes – entertainment and marketing. GIFs are branded with custom designs and logos and are shared on social media.

Any individual or company can rent Giffer for their events. Giffer is fun and young brand bringing tons of entertainment wherever it goes.

Giffer is very easy to use. It needs just 3 steps: take, preview, upload. GIFs are instantly uploaded to LIVE gallery. From there they can be shared to social networks or downloaded to your device.

All the GIFs are branded with custom designs, logos and text according to customer’s request. Branded GIFs are shared on social media, increasing exposure and brand recognition. The average reach of each event is 20.000-25.000 views (yes, we provide statistics). It is possible to brand outside surface of Giffer upon request.

Giffer is perfect for marketing activities of any kind. Giffer can also be rented for private events – weddings, birthday parties and others. Giffer will bring tons of entertainment to your party and will let you retain happiest moments forever.